How To Play


Londonfive is a freestyle roleplay / freeroaming server. We don’t have strict roleplay rules, we just ask that you follow our game etiquette.  To play, you’ll need:

In Game Commands

Game Menu: F3

Revive another player: /revive [id]

Call Emergency Services: /999 [message]

Report a player for breaking rules: /report [message]

Mug a NPC: Approach an NPC while pointing an armed weapon at them and then press E when prompted. Police will be alerted by a nearby pedestrian 40% of the time. if you murder the NPC then please will always be notified.

Spawn a Vehicle: You can spawn a vehicle in the F3 Menu by going to vehicle spawner. please note that the police use an ANPR system that works on your cars numberplate , to make use of this in roleplay , please save your car and spawn your vehicles from the saved vehicles menu which will mean your number plate for that car will always be the same.

Roleplaying Jobs

You can roleplay any job that you would like in game with applying except for police. which you can apply for by joining our discord group.

Please make sure that your characters and roleplay scenarios follows our game etiquette at all times.



WTF Even is This?, Good Question Bro

London Five is a FiveM server, a multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto V. Instead of playing the regular GTA Online, You can use FiveM to connect to our custom modified server with british cars and custom scripts.
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