Game Etiquette

We want to ensure all our members and guests have the best game experience possible so if you’re joining our community or logging in to our server, make sure you check out our server rules that we expect all our members and guests to abide by.

• Randomly Killing (deathmatching) is not allowed, this includes purposely hitting players with a vehicle and killing with or without a weapon.

• If you Kill or have been killed by a player then it should be roleplayed out (if you believe that your killing was not rp then use /report to report the player that killed you, otherwise use /999 to call police and ambulance in third person)

• Vehicles must only be spawned out of sight of other players or at the car dealership. Respawning of vehicles during roleplay is not allowed. Police officers use an ANPR system for tracking stolen, wanted and suspicious vehicles.

• Weapons should be used realistically, you should have a reasonable story of how and why your character obtained their weapon as well as how and why they are using it.

• Please don’t break character during roleplay situations, you can use /ooc in text chat if you need to speak out of character.

• In game voice chat is for engaging with in game participants only, push to talk should be used if you have a lot of background noise or are communicating with people outside of the game.

• Please don’t approach an RP situation unless you have a good reason to get involved.(edited)

• If you want to RP a crime or be chased by the police, please do this realistically. It isn’t ok to just approach an officer and open fire with a gun or crash in to a police car just to get their attention. In most cases, if you want police officers attention then create a good RP situation that they can respond to, otherwise they may ignore you or report you for breaking the rules.

• Please respect every player and remember that there is a real person behind the screen. We won’t tolerate any bullying or harassment of players.

• Police officers should only use their police commands for roleplay purposes and not for moderating the sever. This includes use of the jail command. Please use /report if you feel an officer is abusing their police powers.

• Police response should be proportionate to the situation, if you feel you have been unfairly treated by the police, please use /report.

• Please follow our founding principles, Have Fun – Be Fair – Show Respect. • Police vehicles and peds are for approved police only, please do not attempt to drive police cars or use a police ped.

• You are free to RP as a paramedic or fire fighter without application but you should always act responsibly and realistically when driving an emergency vehicle or using an emergency service ped.

failure to abide by our game etiquette may result in you being permanently banned from our server

WTF Even is This?, Good Question Bro

London Five is a FiveM server, a multiplayer mod for Grand Theft Auto V. Instead of playing the regular GTA Online, You can use FiveM to connect to our custom modified server with british cars and custom scripts.
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